Pandex Creates Space Within Space

Slotted Angle Multi Level Racking

Enhance Storage Space Incredibly with Slotted Angle Multi Level Racking System

Pandex is a well-known 2/3 tier slotted angle rack manufacturer Delhi whose slotted angle racks perfectly fits the places with much vertical space but less base area like ware houses, industries and defense store houses. The prominent dealers produce such racks that starts from the base and is separated by catwalks into two halves. These racks enable a storage place to store more than 3 times than its original capacity.

We are involved in assembling and supplying the finest variety of 2 Tier Racking System. These racks are utilized for putting away a huge amount of things, where there is a deficiency of accessible floor range. Known for their predominant completion, toughness, high load bearing limit and simplicity of availability, these rack frameworks demonstrate exceedingly helpful in warehouses. These systems successfully use the overhead space between floors. These are composed utilizing excellent crude material to guarantee quality.

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